Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Mumbai layover and Bangalore chapter

The Layover chapter
  • Having a 7-hour layover in Mumbai airport, vacillating between doing office work and Googling on my phone to see if there were any spas in the vicinity, all the while knowing that I was never going to actually go. 
  • Suddenly realizing that I hadn't had my customary Iced-Eskimo coffee in India and realizing that CCD at the airport was probably my last shot of getting it before I left the country
  • Connecting to the wireless at the airport and doing a little work while waiting for my Iced Eskimo and wait for it... Butter Chicken and Rice. Turns out CCD now does Indian tasted like the Brit version of Butter Chicken.
  • Lounging on one of the lazy chairs at Mumbai airport for a good two hours and thinking that was the only time I was alone on my journey and that life was actually good.
  • Sending a long sentimental email to a friend leaving London
  • Buying a book for every journey that I took. Judy, I got yours at Bombay airport.

The Bangalore Chapter
  • Laughing at Pappachayan telling me that he was looking for a "bulky" girl at the airport and surprising Valsamamma at the airport.
  • Seeing Kocha and family and Tanya's kids for the first time
  • Visiting ALL the neighbours possible with Valsamamma
  • Spending the entire afternoon with Eleena, watching my lanky, only Cola guzzling-chocolate and energy bar-consuming cousin in action as a wonderful, ever capable mother of two
  • Chatting with Jaden and little Julianne till they fell asleep...little darlings that they are.
  • Meeting my dad's cousins, who came all the way to see me
  • Chatting till there was only an hour left for me to go to the airport and suddenly deciding to take a power nap on the couch

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