Thursday, November 19, 2009

To long days and mosquito ridden nights

Found this random piece on my comp after a long time. Don't care for it too much but just reminded me of ACJ and the people there. To memory!
48 students and a large room. "A list has appeared on the server". Laptop owners preach to their congregations.
The word or The sentence?
“Let’s change the name of the paper”
“Suggestions anyone?”
Silence. The WORD stands.
Helvetica , Georgia!!!
Copy/paste these fonts everday. College computers have selective amnesia.
Harsh realities
Lectures in Tamil. Sources on world trips. A week is technically only 4 days long.
Friday afternoon flurries
Who said Friday. We always thought Monday. The last person and piece becomes the scapegoat to push deadlines.
Homage to the language
Fill as many blanks and pages of the grammar exercise as possible two hours before the deadline.
Rewriting become the prerogative of a few
Caspar is a friendly ghost
Who said that deprivation was scary? Enlightenment dawns in unfamiliar terrain
Hell breaks loose but the valiant finish the race. All pages of the deprivation issue are pdf-ed by 9 pm
Daily war
Engagement columns are man’s greatest gifts and missing reporters the greatest bane.
Nightmares at Nine
Pages in gestation. Intensive labour begins.
You are Shakespeare
Unfettered creativity and onomatopoeia rule the roost. Let the words flow
Information for future students: New police patrol cars are more comfortable than hostel rooms.
You are the future of American journalism!!
Tomorrow goes...
For the first two weeks. But the glossy pages of the tabloid finally appear to be loved and cherished from this time forth and forevermore.
Q and no A
Tracking news and fielding off ignorance is essential only on Friday morning.
The decision of the quiz master is meant to be contested.
Rest conferences
We asked and we got. But who said simulated was hot? Your eyes take a sleepy gleam.
New verb: Dissertate
End of your tether in rough weather. Missing books are your greatest foes.
5000 down, 2k to go. 8000, would be a dream come true.
IP: Information Please
Rouse a few to chase some clues. Raise a hue, the IP is soon due.
Omega and Alpha
A sigh and a cry.
We’d didn’t realize, the year had flown by.

Time hurts

Today I found what time could do
To me
To a trio
To banns of friendship
To comfort in silence
To the taste of hot/cold coffee
To long chats in a parked car
To the tussle for a comfy couch
To lazing on a sports field
To photocopied Chaucer notes
To buying Levis jeans’
To Barbara Ann
To shedding tears over marks
To discussions on life
To deciding on a half plate of chowmein
To weight loss/gain
To seven pups and Dirty
To misunderstandings
To a heart full of promises
To the yearning for a phone call
To speaking our minds out
To unuttered/unattended wounds
To believing that we loved each other’s company
To the best memories
To who we are and where we go
Today I found that TIME hurts