Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking forward

It's a sunny day in London and I can hear someone strumming on an electric guitar somewhere in the flat above me. And for reasons that I can't fathom, it makes me want to write. What exactly? I have no clue. Probably, it's just the world seems so much nicer, now that I can smell and taste again (Dad's medication sure is working). Or for some reason, the strumming, gets me thinking of my first days in London and stirs up that feeling of looking forward to things - at that time, it was about what my classes and classmates were going to be like, whether I would like living in get the drift. Today, those jazz chords are making me want to hope at a stage when things are set to change, yet again.

True, it's only half-way through the year, but my core classes have ended, which officially means that I will never be sitting in my Transnational class with the 27 people from so many different part of the globe. Did we become friends for a life-time over 20 weeks of 3-hour lectures, presentations and heated debates amongst such strong-minded opinionated people? Will we all ever meet up again? I don't know, I have my doubts, despite all the promises of meeting up and getting together again. But, I did feel a twinge of sadness, when we had our last class combined with a pot luck lunch two days ago. The feeling when good things have ended and you resurrect them in your memory, to hold onto them.

For today though, I want to hold on to that feeling of looking forward to newness - setting up my own study schedules, motivating myself to keep up with timelines and figuring out whether I can be a disciplined person when left to myself. Only time will tell. But I hope the feeling lasts!

P.S Prof Dave Morley says: We spend our lives doing things that help us regain elements of an (often idealised) past. And though, I've chosen to paraphrase him somewhat inaccurately and out of context, I just felt the need to add that line, for some apparent or non-apparent reason.
P.P.S It's nice to see the sun still shining in London at 6.30 pm. How I love day-light saving time!
Sayonara for the day folks.