Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ode to Grey's Anatomy

Like heaps of other people on the planet, I began my tryst with Grey's Anatomy a few months ago. Now I've never been the sort to follow a drama to the extent of checking when the next episode would be aired but this time, I've caught the fever and its extremely frustrating to see how slowly Season 7 has been progressing. Now, given that this is not usual LMT behaviour, a couple of friends have been asking me about what makes GA the exception.

To you dear ladies, I say:
While McDreamy, Richard, Addision, Lexie, Izzie, Miranda, Arizona, Mark, Alex and their innumerable patients have been great, what makes it even more worthwhile for me to dedicate 40 minutes once a week are Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. Probably because Cristina Yang as she appears in Season 1, epitomises the kind of life I thought I could live. Where you have one goal and you make it your life's motive to follow it, and everything else recedes into the background. Decisions appear so easy to make when you look at it the Cristina way.

In stark contrast to Cristina's single-mindedness is Meredith and her gazillion issues, living in shadow of her mother's greatness, her inappropriate relationship with Derek Shepherd, coping with her mother's Alzheimer's, forging new relationships with Lexie, her father, Richard and so on. And as much as the series is about Cristina expanding the scope of her world to include things and people and emotion, it is also about Meredith learning to face things head on and prioritising what she wants, instead of running away from everything. At many levels, the show advocates for me the ideal of balance, that too little or too much of things can wreak havoc.

What I also like is that Shonda Rhimes (whoa, I know the name of the lady who does the screenplay) doesn't have any perfect women as her central characters. Take Addison Montgomery, who has it all in terms of looks and professional success, but can't juggle it with a successful relationship, or Miranda Bailey whose difficult marriage and eventual status as a single mother, makes it impossible for her to take up research in paediatrics. To me, every women in the series represents a different step on the ladder, professionally and personally, they face difficult choices and live with the consequences, tough though it may seem. Which is why I watch it, even though it often sends me on a tear-roll!

Add to the storyline a few good looking men, and voila! you have a winning TV drama, I guess.

P.S: Who ever thought I would dedicate an entire blogpost to a TV drama.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


are so many people shutting down blogs that I've grown used to reading? It's grossly unfair.

(Sve, you've inspired me to attempt the one-line post. In my best London Tipton style, Yay Sve!)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

I can't remember the last time, I heard someone use this proverb but it's certainly been lurking in the recesses of my mind for the last two weeks. Why? I don't know...but in my head, it's always followed by my dad's signature suggestion: Talk less and do more.
Now, I'm not talking of hell in a place of flaming fire sort of way. Its more at the metaphorical level of the torment that I put myself through because of the innumerable number of good intentions/plans that I set out for myself all the time: to wake up early, give myself regular hours to read for classes, to systematically work on the dissertation, to start figuring out the essays for end of term submissions, to make time to shed those excess calories, to make it for mid week church meetings, to keep up with news and big media happenings, to find a part time job and to cook everyday.
My problem is that I go on an excessive guilt drive when I don't finish what I set out to do on a particular day. And when that happens for a couple of days continuously [during reading week for instance, when I read two entire novels (in my defense, I have read NO fiction for the last six months, which is a LONG TIME!)], I come out feeling so bad that neither chocolate, crisps, diet coke or a new episode of Grey's Anatomy or How I met your mother can make me feel any better. And yet I laze and let the torment continue.
But I'm sick of all this mental tamasha and want to be feel what I felt in a few days in December: the sheer joy of finishing what I sent out to do, of studying without getting distracted, of converting my good intentions into concrete plans and of talking a little less (People who know me well will appreciate the enormity of this decision!). Today's the first day in my race away from metaphorical hell. Wish me luck people!