Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The "I'm @ Home" Chapter

To make sense of this list, you might have to read the previous posts

  • Taking a red-eye flight HOME to mom and dad.
  • Getting off the flight and straight to breakfast at a relative's house, followed by visits to multiple relatives
  • Watching dad get lost while driving in Abu Dhabi and forcing Mom to ask for directions of every Tom-Dick and Harry, even those who my Mum said didn't LOOK like they would know the directions.
  • Eating fried chicken and chips on the highway to Dubai.
  • Coaxing my Mom and Dad that I do not need to buy more stuff at the moment
  • Eating chicken biriyani at home
  • Lying in my bed relaxing, dozing and reading my St Clare's collection all over again for the gazillionth time
  • Joining my Dad on his Googling exploits.
  • Eating lunch and then grabbing another bite from Mom's lunch when she gets home from work.
  • Speaking in code with Mom to avoid conversations being overheard and understood by strangers
  • Making a quick dekko to Fujairah and eating heaps of yum stuff at Monchayan's. Catching a quick conversation with Daisymamma, sitting on the patient's bed in her clinic and happily accepting Threptin biscuits (I love them).
  • Roaming around Pakistaani bazaar with Dad looking for scarves
  • Enjoying Beena's auntie's yummy kappa and fish curry and Becky's awesome chicken that they so kindly brought over
  • Mom ensuring that I ate everything I loved on my last day, which meant shawarma for an evening snack and kebabs and ribs for dinner
  • Popping in to my neighbours' late at night to say hello and goodbye.
  • Taking a nap before packing
  • Telling my mom not to make anything but knowing fully well that despite my protests, she was going to make chocolate fudge and cutlets.
  • Eating some chocolate fudge pudding before going to bed at 2am and doing the crossword with Mom for a few minutes before we both nodded off.
  • Eating cutlets for breakfast and setting out for the airport, with my Dad and Mom praying for me and entrusting me to the Lord's hands.
I got on to that flight
asking myself why I was going back to London...
knowing that life has moved on and yet wanting to reclaim parts of it

After writing all of this, I suddenly realized that I am not content with word pictures alone. If you have any pictures of my trip, send them please.

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