Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time hurts

Today I found what time could do
To me
To a trio
To banns of friendship
To comfort in silence
To the taste of hot/cold coffee
To long chats in a parked car
To the tussle for a comfy couch
To lazing on a sports field
To photocopied Chaucer notes
To buying Levis jeans’
To Barbara Ann
To shedding tears over marks
To discussions on life
To deciding on a half plate of chowmein
To weight loss/gain
To seven pups and Dirty
To misunderstandings
To a heart full of promises
To the yearning for a phone call
To speaking our minds out
To unuttered/unattended wounds
To believing that we loved each other’s company
To the best memories
To who we are and where we go
Today I found that TIME hurts

1 comment:

  1. like i said...OUCH!

    but time also does make you feel good at times. One past monday, when i saw you again after 6 odd months, made me nostalgic and it felt like we've hardly been apart for a random weekend to respective homes, both at once!

    love u lisa pisa!