Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Halfway abandoned

Tell me of those with dreams fulfilled
Of hopes and goals achieved
Of winners on life's racing track
Never impeded by speed

Of those who managed year after year
To wake to those shrill alarms
And worked from dawn to dusk
Sans facebook and the coffee machine

Of those do-it-alls
Who juggled work and applications on time
And rested assure that the call would come
With the passport to a life sublime

Of those who balanced life and love
And managed straight A's in both
Or those who took the early plunge
And made homemaking their fame

Tell me of those who didn't leave the fight
Halfway abandoned


  1. Good expression. But I would like to believe that, even though our fight has has only just begun, we'd be counted among these in the long run. Throw caution, hope, to the winds, my friend. Not all is lost yet! hugs!

  2. HEY LISA! I like what you write. This poem reminded me of one by faiz ahmed faiz, one of my favroites . Here goes:
    woh log bohot khushkismet the
    jo ishq ko kaam samajhte the
    yaa kaam se aashiqi karte the
    hum jeete jee musroof rahe
    kuchh ishq kiya kuchh kaam kiya
    kaam ishq ke aade aata raha
    aur ishq kaaam se ulajhta raha
    phir aakhir tung aakar humne
    dono ko adhura chhod diya.

    How do u like it ?